Playing Fields at Paintball Sunbury

Road Works

Test your aim in our practice range.
Can you hit Woodsball Winston’s “half” brother?
This is where you’ll receive your marker (gun) safety briefing.

Suicide Hump

Can you pass the hump?

Bunker Down

Huge field with heaps of bunkers, a bridge,
a pipe and watch out for that snake!

Forest Fort

Can you retrieve the four pawns
and get them safely to the fort?
Great field for scenario play.

Fire in the Hole

Face off in two dug-outs. Equal footing, no advantage.

Windy Woodland

Capture the flag in this massive woodland where the trees
are your friends because they’re your only “cover”.

Dodge Alley

Can you dodge the paintballs as you run down the gauntlet?
Great for a “Buck’s” or “Boss” run!


Brand new custom designed Party Paintball
field full of war zone inflatables.


Brand new, full size competition field.
(Coming Soon: sup air)